Additive procedures offer the possibility to recreate each single manufacturing step through 3D-printing already before ordering a cost-intensive tool or samples. This method can  answer any questions regarding optimal surface quality or which of the many possible processing variations is the most suitable. Again, the cost and time savings are tremendously beneficial to the customer. 

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Possible additive manufacturing procedures at FEINGUSS BLANK:

  • Additive manufactured wax parts for the investment casting procedure for first pre-series parts. 
  • Milling parts from metal and wax for first trials in the manufacturing and application process.
  • Additive manufactured prototype of metal for example with the SLS procedure (selective laser sintering)

Whether printed waxed or even cast parts – there are many options available to realise the optimal and most economical solution for you.

Your advantage: You receive components with mechanical properties corresponding to those of the latest parts series. In this way, you can install and test your precision casting before series production begins.

injection moulded wax part

printed wax part

SLS metal

By using these pre-production methods, the gained knowledge of the different design and prototype phases enable later on in the series an optimal production specific to the customer.

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