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99 BLANK-jubilarians celebrate 1820 years belonging to the company

"When I started my career with the company I was 18 years old," Agathe Schönweiler told us at her anniversary celebration. Today, 40 years later, she still enjoys working for the BLANK-Group in Riedlingen. Like Agathe Schönweiler a total of 99 jubilarians  celebrate their many years of service at BLANK this year.

"We are honoured by this loyal commitment within the BLANK-Group," says Managing Director Hubert Deutsch. "Whether it's 10 or 40 years - it speaks volumes for the company and also the team when employees decide to help shape the BLANK-Group and remain loyal to it for so many years." As a small gift of appreciation, all the jubilarians received a BLANK-medal with the respective number of jubilee years cast into it. "14 employees could look back on 30 or more years of service. That's quite an achievement," explains Renate Strang, HR management clerk.

To celebrate the occasion, usually an annual ceremony is held with all the jubilarians. "Unfortunately, also in 2021 this is not possible due to the COVID 19 pandemic," says Deutsch. "However, the medals will be presented on behalf of the respective supervisors together with a letter of thanks from the BLANK-Group. A BLANK-certificate and, depending on the number of anniversary years, other benefits were given to the jubilarians in their respective anniversary month."

"It is important to us, especially in the current challenging situation, to convey that we value and reward the performance of each individual," explains Juliane Blank, who, as managing director of the BLANK Holding, represents the interests of the family in the management board. "We cordially congratulate our jubilarians and wish them all continued pleasure and success in their work for the company."

Following persons could celebrate their jubilee on which we congratulate for:

10 years
Eugen Benke, Ursula Werkmann, Julia Eggert, Alexander Gribanov, Sergej Kraus, Dimitrij Sessler, Stefan Winkler, Alexandra Blatter, Alex Schmidt, Enrico Busch, Jörg Axel von Perbandt, Stefanie Kübler, Alexander Lemke, Wilfried Stößel, Markus Werkmann, Alexander Schemberger, Vincent Fauser, Frank Koch, Philipp Maas, Marcel Busmanis, Lisa Selg, Michael Schäfer, Yilmaz Güzel

15 years
Engelbert Egle, Corinna Horte, Aleksej Retunskij, Marina Eichwald, Rudolf Steiger, Viktor Britner, Raisa Heinz, Claus Fischer, Johannes Falkenstein, Klaus-Martin Krug, Armin Bochtler, Ingeborg Fischer, Erika Schien, Corinna Schweda, Richard Assfalg, Markus Griener, Barbara Melkonjan, Ralf Sinsig, Eugen Steinbeck, Holger Traub, Dimitri Haffner, Iris Wentz, Natascha Djawadi, Sonja Affeld, Clemens Buck, Tobias Maichel, Olga Steinbeck, Peter Schiller, Wladimir Sacharow, Elvedin Mesic

20 years
Valeri Kraft, Uwe Reichardt, Grit Springer, Bernhard-Daniel Blezu, Edwin Kraemer, Martin Kraemer, Joan Morar, Vitalij Pappenheim, Waldemar Gujo, Sigmund Vogel, Peter Binder, Martina Bücheler, Waldemar Reske, Sabrina Traber

25 years
Ulfeta Schepanski, Guelten Oezden, Irma Domke, Alfred Vonderschmitt, Viktor Knutas, Matthias Roeck, Waldemar Dering, Alexander Altergot, Tobias Goetz, Witalij Haffner, Irina Winter

30 years
Michael Auras, Wojciech Marek Ramotowski, Roman Widder, Thomas Rehberg, Alwina Fink, Alexander Baur, Reiner Baur, Dietmar Abt

35 years
Juergen Saupe, Martin Schadow, Renate Strang, Reinhold  Keckeisen

40 years
Agathe Schoenweiler

(for data protection reasons we could not list all employees)

The BLANK-medals were given to the employees in recognition.

The BLANK-medals were given to the employees in recognition.

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