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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

And the NEWCAST-Award goes to…. FEINGUSS BLANK!

"What would the industry be without innovations and people who put these innovations into practice," was how Wolfram Nikolaus Diener, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, opened the presentation of the NEWCAST Award which took place as part of the NEWCAST trade fair from 25th to 29th June. The technology fair of the "Bright World of Metals" which specializes in the diversity of cast products, presents the innovations in casting to the interested specialist audience. From investment casting and die casting to sand casting and many other casting processes, the who's who of the global foundry industry meets to exchange information at the fair which takes place every four years.

Since the birth of NEWCAST 2003, the NEWCAST Award has been presented during the fair. This award  honours companies that make a special contribution to the further development of the foundry industry whereby the categories:

- the best substitution for another production process,
- the best functional integration,
- and the best lightweight solution

have been determined.

Before the trade fair all exhibitors had the opportunity to submit new developments for the award which was used lively. FEINGUSS BLANK also started in two categories: the best functional integration and the best lightweight solution. During the award ceremony the company received the award in the category "The best lightweight solution".

The prize was awarded to a wheel carrier that was developed as part of a production cooperation. With the help of the "Digital Twin" service package the original geometry could be significantly improved and the component weight reduced by over 35 percent.

The "Digital Twin" service package includes among others:

- Material simulation
What is the right material and the right heat treatment for the respective application?

- FEM calculation
Can the component withstand the subsequent load?

- Casting and solidification simulation
Is the component easily and economically castable?

- Topology optimization
Can the geometry be optimized according to the load and the casting process?

With the help of this simulation package, material recommendations, feasibility analyses and part optimisations are worked out for the customer.

The advantages of the "Digital Twin by FEINGUSS BLANK" are obvious: Different versions can be digitally tested and the best possible one selected. The concept is underpinned by a variety of additive manufacturing methods. Once the design has been fixed, the first hand samples and prototypes can be produced quickly by means of 3D printing. Cost-intensive tool production is no longer necessary. This combination of digital preparation and quick realization of the first components makes the difference. This saves development time and costs and significantly reduces time to market.

"By using simulations in connection with the casting process, investment castings are optimized in such a way that material and costs can be saved. The combination of experience and modern simulation software enables faster development and major leaps in development," explained Lionel Genesi, Head of Industrial Sales at BLANK, at the award ceremony. He expressed his gratitude for the award and the associated honour for the achievements of all employees of the company.

When asked how he sees the use and importance of simulation programs for the foundry industry in the future, Mr. Genesi was in favour of the digitalisation and the use of simulation programs: "It is important that we also continue to develop in the foundry industry and use new technologies in order to be able to survive in global competition.”

Max Schumacher, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie), also took up the need for change: "Foundries have always distinguished themselves by having adapted. Flexibility and innovation have always made us successful."

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