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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

BLANK establishes new benefits for employees

The topic of lack of skilled workers has never been more present, and it is becoming increasingly important for employers to offer employees other incentives in addition to a secure job. For this reason, BLANK is now launching a new employee offer from corporate benefits Germany GmbH.

The idea: employees are presented with a diverse package of discounts from well-known brands and companies which can be used free of charge and for an unlimited period. From telephone providers to clothing manufacturers and travel companies, there is something for everyone. "One of our main concerns was that all employees find something for themselves in the offer," reports Christian Gaupp, Head of HR management at BLANK, "Beside the BLANK Pension+, which offers an additional retirement plan subsidized by the company, and the BLANK-bike-leasing, the benefits program covers a range of areas of application that really can benefit everyone."

Managing director Alexander Lenert also knows that the job market and the demands on companies have changed, "The work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for all of us. As a company, we try to respond to this, for example through home office and flexible working hours, offering a diverse, operational health management and support employees in all possible matters – in profession as well as private." For example, BLANK has had a social fund for employees in personal need for many years. Regular preventive health programs, such as diabetes screening or back fitness courses, are also part of the routine. "Before Corona, we offered a variety of different fitness and cooking courses," explains Doris Ocker from HR management, "We hope to increase also in this area as soon as possible."
Currently, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is only possible to contribute to the fitness centre fees, "Of course, we will continue to offer this, as particularly employees who work in shifts benefit from this possibility." Looking to the future, further actions are planned for the workforce. "We're constantly evaluating what makes sense and, especially with the sports courses, naturally also attach importance to current trends," says Ocker, "It's important that the offer is used actively, so we are also always grateful for tips and suggestions."

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