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We are better together! And, we now operate globally under the name Texmo Blank. You can find more information on our new website:

Until we launch the full version of our new website, you will continue to find details about investment casting as well as jobs vacancies on this page.

Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

BLANK answers questions on the subject of investment casting at a new online lecture site

The BLANK-Group is upgrading its online marketing and will offer future visitors on the company's website videos on interesting issues in this industry under the tab "Investment Casting → Lectures". "At the moment there are already two videos on the site, one of them recorded in English," explains Rainer Buehler, Head of Business Development at BLANK, "One is a webinar that has already taken place, but there is also a lecture which was scheduled as a recording during a digital event." So the idea occured to make the information from the lectures permanently available to interested parties. "Especially in times of corona, we have this way created an additional platform to stay in contact with customers and interested parties," says Buehler.

Due to the pandemic, event formats have generally changed and much has been shifted to the online sector. "With the help of a comprehensive digitalization approach, we want to keep up with the times and provide more information on digital channels," emphasizes Managing Director Alexander Lenert, "The newly created lecture site is one element of this holistic concept. In a further step, live lectures are planned, during which participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions." This is ideal for customer training courses, for example, but generally also for those who are interested in investment casting topics such as tolerances or investment casting properties.

Information about the lecture

The recorded webinar "From Know How to Know Why!" deals with the optimization of investment castings and the tools available for this purpose. Industrial casting parts and processes are changing due to lightweight constructions that are increasingly used in large industries such as automotive and aerospace to improve energy efficiency. As a result, the limits of castability are shifting more and more, since these lightweight constructions are often thin-walled and geometrically complex parts. Investment casting, with its ability to cast free-form geometries, is particularly suitable for the production of such parts due to the precision of the process. However, also here, formability and castability are key issues, and an early feasibility study in the design phase is necessary to avoid costly rework later on. Using the Digital Twin approach, the lecture shows possibilities for weight optimization of castings, taking into account the later intended use.

After the initial setup, the BLANK-Group plans further videos on the lecture page. "In the coming months we would like to report on other topics," says Buehler. Furthermore, on the homepage, visitors have the opportunity to evaluate the individual lectures, "We look forward to the feedback and are of course open to further suggestions for topics."

Link to the lecture

Presentation of the lecture site on the homepage

The Digital Twin concept at BLANK

Presentation of the lecture site on the homepage

The Digital Twin concept at BLANK

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