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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Feinguss Blank wins the Innovator Of The Year Award!

The Investment Casting Institute annually awards enterprises with especially outstanding innovations and new developments. In autumn 2017 FEINGUSS BLANK could be happy about this popular prize. With the new technology “BLANK-ID” our enterprise could leave the competitors behind. Mr. Ingo Bitzer, managing director of FEINGUSS BLANK, was given the prize on 16th October 2017 during the 64th Technical Conference of the Investment Casting Institute in Covington, Kentucky: “I am very happy to receive this prize in the name of the whole enterprise. This shows that FEINGUSS BLANK  is well-positioned for the future with new technologies.”

Because innovations come and go. Those who wish to prevail require paradigm shifts. They cannot limit themselves to simply doing the right thing. Instead, they need to concentrate on doing the right thing correctly. In short: They need to be smart. As a quality provider of complex investment casting products from Germany, we have recognized the signs of the times. We do not simply rest on our laurels. We want to achieve more than just manufacturing high-quality products. Which is why we are rethinking things. Doing the right thing correctly. And have turned Feinguss into SMARTGUSS.

For more than 50 years FEINGUSS BLANK, being development partner, has been producing highly precise investment casting parts according to the lost wax procedure as well as complex ready components including surface finishing. The markets’ demands have been always dynamic and FEINGUSS BLANK continuously developed with them – becoming one of the most important and most competent system supplier and partner for investment casting and ready components. The BLANK-ID offers a special new service for our customers and goes one step further concerning traceability:

Our idea:

Over the whole life time of a product each BLANK component can be identified and traced back from the production process of the investment casting part over a possible mechanical treatment or assembly to the final application resp.  to the end of the investment casting part’s life!

The technique:

An integrated codemark enables the identification as a BLANK part at any time. So the complete traceability along the whole value chain is guaranteed!

The advantages:

 + Identification at any time

Due to the code FEINGUSS BLANK can trace back at any time the whole history of origin of a single casting part by means of the part itself or a photo of the part with visible code. All production data of the concerned casting part batch are available without extensive researches.

+ Complete traceability

During the whole production process until the end of the component’s life you can identify a component and trace it back along the complete value chain by means of the integrated codemark. Using the BLANK-ID, comprehensive information can be coded on smallest room (4x4 mm). So it is possible to dispense with all other markings for traceability. Error-prone cast part numbers or similar texts could be avoided, too. However, this always depends on the customer’s demands.

+ Comprehensive plagiarism protection

The code contains a plausibility check, i.e. a modification of the code or a copy can be securely detected and proved. Furthermore the BLANK-ID is a registered mark of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH.

+ Exclusive, unique technology which withstands even the most extreme operating conditions

No matter if it is a wastegate, turbine wheel, combustion chamber, etc. the BLANK-ID can be placed on nearly each investment casting part without any problem. As the mark is part of the casting part, it withstands all production steps without difficulty. Even difficult operation conditions in high temperature ranges or aggressive atmospheres cannot harm the code.

During an internal handover ceremony managing director Ingo Bitzer praised the team involved in the development of the BLANK-ID for their technological masterpiece and the innovative spirit in the enterprise: “We all can be proud of this great performance!”

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