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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Baptism of fire for foundry mechanics - two foundrymen successfully complete their apprenticeships

After three and a half years of training, Vitalis Grebenev and Sergej Wolf celebrate their graduation as foundry mechanics. The graduates are the first to have completed the training programme at BLANK. "I cordially congratulate both and I am very pleased that we have taken this important step and can now offer another apprenticeship in our portfolio," says Christian Gaupp as HR and training manager at BLANK, "Investment casting is our core competence and the targeted training of our foundrymen is therefore an important part of our success."

A foundryman's job includes melting and assembling the alloy, preparing the casting shells, casting and inspecting after the casting process. "The block teaching at the vocational school in Stuttgart is particularly appealing," explains Vitalis Grebenev, "Six to eight weeks in the company alternate with a two-week theory phase which is supported by BLANK also in terms of costs. This enables a very good practical transfer and you learn about other casting techniques in addition to the investment casting process."

After their graduation both are already making further plans. "I could also well imagine further training to become a master craftsman," says Sergej Wolf, "Through the training I have realized that the foundry is the area in which I would like to develop further." In the future, Vitalis Grebenev will work in open casting and Sergej Wolf in the alumimium casting department. "Both areas offer great development potential," says Gaupp, "We are particularly pleased that both of them stay loyal to BLANK and wish them continued success and a good start in their new jobs!"


From left to right: Sergej Wolf and Vitalis Grebenev

From left to right: Sergej Wolf and Vitalis Grebenev

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