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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Women power at BLANK – in all sectors!

Foundries are still often regarded as a classic male domain. Four female colleagues from different fields of activity dispel this prejudice and present their activities and careers.

Right from the start of a career, it becomes clear that there are typical female and male professions - especially in foundries. "You often can't completely escape this preconceived image," Christian Gaupp, as head of human resources and training, also knows this, "That's why campaigns like Girls' Day and Boys' Day are so important, because a profession should be chosen according to interests and not according to role models." Machine and plant operator Marietta Müller shows that things can be different. She started her apprenticeship at BLANK in 2019 and had discovered her interest in a technical profession through her brother, who was completing an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. "I came to BLANK through a work colleague who made me aware of the company," Müller says, "Until today I have never regretted my decision for the profession and for the foundry field of activity." Last year she completed her apprenticeship as one of the best of her year and was honored for this with the "Best of" award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. She currently works in the company's wax room.

Julia Eggert started as a project manager in the project management department at BLANK after her technical studies. In her function she is responsible for an investment casting part from the development to series production. "What I like most is the versatility of the job: every investment casting part involves new challenges. We serve different industries which gives us a lot of insights." Until her parental leave, she had already worked as an executive in the company for several years, which also shows that women can hold their own in the foundry's male domain. "Sometimes it requires a certain assertiveness, but at BLANK there's always the opportunity to voice concerns and contribute ideas, and for me that's what makes working in a medium-sized family business so special."

Lisa Selg is also based in the administrative area at BLANK. She completed her training as an industrial clerk and then trained as a business economist. Today, she is the head of Sales Support at the company and takes care of managing customer data and performing forecast analyses for sales planning. "Especially the regular customer contact and the cooperation with the sales team is what makes the job in Sales Support so special," says Selg, "In my opinion, a company can only be successful if the employees work together constructively. I have a great team by my side and together we have already achieved a lot! That makes work fun!"

Juliane Blank also knows that cooperation is an essential factor in the success of a company. As managing director of BLANK HOLDING GmbH, she was the first woman in the family to follow in the footsteps of her male predecessors. "The Blank family has been burning for investment casting for over 60 years! My father made the company great and it is an honor for me to be able to continue his work in the company group." Juliane Blank grew up in the investment casting foundry and can't imagine a better working environment, "I am particularly proud of the many long-standing colleagues who have remained loyal to the company group over decades. This speaks for the corporate climate and the work of BLANK." Regarding the role of women in the corporate group, she has a clear opinion: "The world is changing and it is necessary for companies to create the right environment for the workforce. This includes flexible working models, part-time arrangements and home office. For us at BLANK, it is important that everyone is given the same opportunity for further development, regardless of gender. I think we are on the right track here."

From left to right: Julia Eggert and Juliane Blank

Christian Gaupp and Marietta Müller

Lisa Selg

From left to right: Julia Eggert and Juliane Blank

Christian Gaupp and Marietta Müller

Lisa Selg

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