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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Sparkling clean with FEINGUSS BLANK! Smart functional integration in engineering!

The customers of Dr. Escherich GmbH attach much importance to most fastidious cleanliness! This manufacturer of surface cleaning systems produces facilities for cleaning containers in the industry as well as for cleaning conductor plates in the electronic branch. The investment casting part “Glocke” (bell) of FEINGUSS BLANK is cast of material 1.4308-GX5CrNi19-10 and is applied in the suction plants in the division packaging.

Applying a special contact-free suction technology, the industrial plants of Dr. Escherich GmbH clean objects like cans, cups etc. from dust pigments and smallest particles before filling them with food. The investment casting part of FEINGUSS BLANK is part of the suction technology of the machines. Over an additionally cast-on arm in the inner channel of the stainless steel case, the rotor is put in rotation through a compressed air connection. Using a hose which is attached to the “tube end” of the investment casting part, the desired product is cleaned by means of a suction system. The “Glocke” (bell) has no contact to the packages which are filled for ex. with food in the next step.

Due to the demanding function this component up to now was produced by means of 4 single parts: a base plate, a tube, a milled part (arm) and a turned part (connecting eye). Development partner FEINGUSS BLANK was able to optimate this complexe production by reducing the 4 individually manufactured parts to one single investment casting part. In addition, this reduction from 4 to 1 saved significantly material and costs. Since the part is located in the visible area of the machine, a modern shape was important, emphasized by the lettering “Dr. Escherich”.

 Regarding the technical feasibility, above all the embedded arm represented a real challenge for the investment casting technique. Due to the thin wall thicknesses, partially 1,5 mm, we had to pay attention to the fact that the hot metal shall fill the form completely and does not cool down before. Development partner FEINGUSS BLANK solved this problem with a special cast-on technique. The raw part is finished mechanically in order to prepare it for the later assembly at the production plant. FEINGUSS BLANK manufactures several investment casting parts for Dr. Escherich GmbH.

“The products differ according to the special guidelines as well as the hygienic requirements for the packaging industry”, declares the responsible sales and application technician, ”in this case for ex. the applied material plays a decisive part.”

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