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We are better together! And, we now operate globally under the name Texmo Blank. You can find more information on our new website:

Until we launch the full version of our new website, you will continue to find details about investment casting as well as jobs vacancies on this page.

Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Starting the apprenticeship: our trainees 2022

“Welcome to BLANK” - with a kick-off event, HR manager Christian Gaupp welcomed the new trainees to the team. Six young adults start their apprenticeship with an exciting introduction week with a completely new concept.

So far, the trainees have always made a presentation about BLANK, the individual departments and production areas. A new feature is a production scavenger hunt through the entire plant. "The production process consists of a large number of operations. We thought about the quickest and most exciting way to get an overview: the result is the scavenger hunt," explains Alina Haudek from the youth and trainee representative committee, "We still scheduled a small presentation prepared by the new trainees - just with new tasks.”

During the introduction week there will be also a team-building event in the amusement park “Lochmühle” near the Lake of Constance together with the trainers and the trainees from the other years. “We want to strengthen the “we-feeling” in the group right from the beginning and communicate that the training team is always there to help,” says Gaupp.

The introduction week will be completed with different training sessions on Thursday and a joint feedback session on Friday. Christian Gaupp and his training team look forward to the coming training period. “We wish a good start, an eventful week with many new experiences and, of course, much success in the apprenticeship!”

There are currently 33 trainees and dual students at BLANK.


Picture from left to right:



Mechatronic technician



Dual student Industrial Management



Dual student Mechanical Engineering Process Engineering



Industrial mechanic



Machine and plant operator



Tool mechanic

Picture from left to right: Etienne Tchicha, Elisa Bottenbruch, Luca Böhm, Clemens Dyck, Daniel Schukschin, Nick Khokhlov

Picture from left to right: Etienne Tchicha, Elisa Bottenbruch, Luca Böhm, Clemens Dyck, Daniel Schukschin, Nick Khokhlov

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