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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

The ability to work in a team is important

The ability to work in a team is important

On the one hand it is easy for young people today to learn a profession or to study. On the other hand it is difficult to choose among the many opportunities to make a career and to develop professionally. In January there was an opportunity for pupils and parents to find their way around in the information truck "Discover Industry" and at a panel discussion at the high school “Kreisgymnasium Riedlingen”. The students were also offered workshops and lectures by 20 companies.

Initiators of this event were the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the employers’ association Südwestmetall, the Federal Labour Office as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Crafts.

Mr. Kern from the employment agency held a lecture about the development of industry, digitalization, hard and soft skills as well as continuing education and informed about offers of the employment agency regarding training for professional entrants and helping to find a job.


Career factor diligence

During the panel discussion Mr. Fisel of the local bank and representatives of various enterprises, among these also Mr. Gaupp of FEINGUSS BLANK, provided an insight into their career and everyday working life. All participants were of the same opinion: Social competence is important, cooperation cannot work without the ability to work in a team.

One visitor wanted to know whether a high school certificate was of advantage for an apprenticeship. Herbert  Fisel said that this would have advantages for the bank” Kreissparkasse”, but that is not necessarily the case for the processing companies, according to the other panelists. Making career is also possible if someone works his way up by interest, commitment and diligence, which the podium participants proved impressively with their own biographies.

A dual course of study, as many companies offer today, has above all the benefit that the student has companions in the company who support him. In addition, there is payment, an advantage that other students do not have, says Christian Gaupp of FEINGUSS BLANK. Other opportunities to get to know a profession like a voluntary social year or an internship in an enterprise were also part of the discussion.

(Artikel aus der Schwäbischen Zeitung Riedlingen 30.01.2019 von Alexander Speiser)

(Foto: Thomas Warnack)

(Foto: Thomas Warnack)

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