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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

What more simulation can provide – also for the medicine technology

Industry 4.0: The idea of the Digital Twin is much discussed in the engineering sector. Working with a simulated double promises more efficiency and flexibility. First approaches show what this can be of use also in the medicine technology.

The gain in time is gigantic: “Concerning casting parts we can now considerably accelerate the time (i.e. also the time-to-market) between development and final component “, says Lothar Eckhard. He is developer at FEINGUSS BLANK. The company, based in the South German region “ Swabian Alb”,  
is a supplier of investment casting parts – among others for manufacturers of medicine products – and has implemented consequently the concept of the Digital Twin at the beginning of this year. “In the past we have already used various simulation tools for our work. From this year on we offer our customers a continuous digital process chain reaching from the development of a product up to the manufacturing.”

Investment casting is a complex manufacturing procedure which however, is of advantage for many precision components because the cast parts can be produced in very small tolerances and so are normally ready to be installed or need only little machining. Therefore this procedure is particularly suitable for components with complex geometries like for ex. surgery instruments.

(Source: Medizin und Technik, journalist Sabine Koll, 10. August 2017)

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