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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Working with a new office concept in the Blank Business Center

Employees of FEINGUSS BLANK develop a vision of working in future – the BLANK Business Center was put into operation by the end of July 2017

FEINGUSS BLANK has created a modern working environment with the new business center. In the new building the employees of the investment casting part manufacturer have the choice to work at a standing workplace, in the sofa-corner or at a fixed PC-workplace. A planning team consisting of administrative employees, architects and interior decorators developed new concepts with the aim to create a relaxed and casual working atmosphere and to arrange flexible workplaces for different demands in an open office. The ways between the individual departments should be kept short. Roman, working in the division for sales and applied technique, states: “Taking in mind the need of cooperation between the different divisions we positioned them accordingly in the open space office.” The room concept had also to consider an appropriate basic and furniture design.

Since the end of July the employees have been able to benefit from the result of the many unconventional proposals and innovations: there are conference corners, creative room dividers and various seating and standing facilities - all in an ageless, stylish design with warm colours. The health aspect was also considered with this flexible way of working because different working positions spare the back and prevent tensions. Doris, responsible for the occupational health management, says: “Working in a sitting position often causes problems with the back over the years. The new working world of BLANK counteracts this problem. Each employee has the possibility to discover the best individual way of working.”

Regarding the open office layout, Manuela, active in the marketing of FEINGUSS BLANK, remarks: “Of course there are still retreat rooms for conferences or sensitive conversations.” Nevertheless the new room concept offers advantages compared with the classical office layout. The divisions order management and order preparation for ex.  have many interfaces; as well as the divisions book keeping, purchase and controlling – this way the communication between the divisions can be improved. Jürgen, human resources manager, explains that this was the reason to position these divisions close to each other. He declares: “It is new that the division managers are now located together in one area and not in their own divisions.”

The improved internal communication and optimized workflow make it possible to respond even better to the needs of the customers.

The ground floor of the Blank Business Center comprises a spacious reception area, several conference rooms, two conference cubes for discrete conversations in a small group and a big screen which informs about the company history, production process and range of products.
As a symbol of FEINGUSS BLANK’s rootedness in the area of Riedlingen many of the rooms in the new building bear the names of the surrounding villages, for ex. “Daugendorf” or “Grüningen”.
On the 15th October the employees and their families could get to know the new building as well as the production process during a plant tour.

(Article Schwäbische Zeitung Riedlingen 21.10.2017)

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