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From Know How to Know Why!

Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting.

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Duration 30 min
Speaker:  Dr. -Ing. Santhanu Jana, Technical Consultant  | Andrej Wetzel, Product & Process Engineering
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  • Business Group Blank
  • Defining the Digital Twin
  • Balance manufacturability  and  performance
  • Part & Process Design
  • Additive Manufacturing marries Digital Twin
  • Expanding the horizon of Investment Casting

Industrial cast parts and processes are undergoing major transformations due to lightweight designs to improve energy efficiency of major industries like automotive and aerospace. Hence, boundaries of castability are pushed, as these lightweight designs occasionally lead to thin walled and geometrically complex parts.  Investment casting, with it’s ability to cast free form geometries, is one such process suited for production of such parts. However, here moldability and castability is also key issue and an early feasibility in the design phase is necessary to avoid costly reruns later-on.

This video jointly by Altair and FEINGUSS BLANK, demonstrates the application of Simulation-driven-design and additive manufacturing to drive next generation lightweight designs through Investment Casting process. 

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