The Wastegate-System as an example for ready-to-use components at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line
Casting mechanics from FEINGUSS BLANK during preparatory activities before casting design-line

Ready-made components – ready-to-use

Casting machining is another possible step in the creation of added value at FEINGUSS. We offer a wide range of processes, from mechanical processing and assembly to surface finishing and coating. See for yourself and discover our wide range of products!

  • Mechanical Engineering
    We have a wide range of machining equipment inhouse, as well as long-term relationships with external machining suppliers, to meet your machined part and assembly needs.
  • Surface treatment
    Benefit from the know-how of our professional business partners that offer finishing process (coating, lacquering, anodizing, etc.) for your casting parts.
  • Assembly
    To add more value and decrease your complexity, we offer ready to install assemblies.

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The Wastegate-System as an example for ready-to-use components at FEINGUSS BLANK


Exhaust turbo charger car

Wastegate systems must withstand high loads in the turbocharger of passenger cars and trucks. By using heat-resistant materials and the principles of topology optimization, we improve investment castings to your advantage! Based on our know-how, we have experience with saving 30 percent on materials.


Material nickel base alloy


121 g

Housing of a 3D scanner made of aluminium investment casting



The housing for a high-quality 3D scanner posed a major challenge for investment casting and subsequent downstream processes, especially with regard to numerous counterbores and undercuts. Thanks to the smart advantages of the casting process, it was possible to produce a mold close to the final geometry, which avoided time consuming machining and rework.

Another example of FEINGUSS BLANK know-how and cost savings for our customers arose from the functional integration of several individual parts, produced in alternative manufacturing processes, into one single investment casting part.  


Material aluminium alloy


1.034 g

Housing of a measuring device made of steel investment casting


Measuring device

The ABB measuring device is particularly impressive due to its high surface quality and the special coating of the original investment casting, which makes it more appealing visually and weather-resistant. As a smart system supplier you receive all subsequent processes, such as mechanical processing, technical assembly or surface coating, from a single source! – Your advantage: less coordination effort and complexity thanks to the smart partner FEINGUSS BLANK at your side!




2.980 g

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