Company health management

Why do we have a workplace health management?

Health is way more than not being sick.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a condition of full physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

Healthy, motivated and efficient employees are important competitive advantages for our company.

Goal of our workplace health management is also to reach as many employees as possible. Therefore we expanded the offer with so called “monthly campaigns”. In course of these campaigns we keep the time effort of our employees low and the variety of the included topics large. Our range offers January to November among other things a badminton trial course, a bowling night, a mobile massage, a healthy breakfast prepared by our trainees or a cinema day for the whole family.

Our health management helps to maintain and to promote our employees’ efficiency and employability. It’s organized in four parts:

Health promotion

Our employees can choose between free sporting offers such as back muscle training, WAKO kickboxing aerobic, Cycling and Zumba. As a contribution to relax balance training and various theme cooking courses which set a high value on a healthy nutrition are a great possibility.

Professionals who don’t want to stick to a specific time or just can’t (due to shift work) are in good hands in one of the gyms in Riedlingen with which we made a cooperate contract. FEINGUSS BLANK bears part of the monthly membership fee and our employees can keep themselves fit just the way they need and like to.

Industrial safety and health protection

Our professionals for industrial safety look after the required precautionary measures. Our works doctor cares about medical matters of our employees as a part of the occupational health checks.

Health competence

With the aid of lectures concerning health and precaution topics we try to raise the awareness of our employees regarding a healthy lifestyle – on duty as well as in private life.

Social responsibility

FEINGUSS BLANK is aware of its responsibility for society and environment and wants to take it actively.