FEINGUSS BLANK engages accountability for environment and society.

Energy and environmental management are integrated company duties for us. Thus all processes are getting regularly tested seen from these angles. Following this they are getting evaluated and improved. This way we are able to ensure our company’s future and our responsibility for the environment.

  • To fulfill these functions we were certified to DIN EN 14001 in 2011
  • We take part in energy networks since 2007

Investment casting after lost-wax casting is a scorching hot method – a lot of energy is needed for this process.

We are eager to produce more environmentally friendly but also push the technical progress at the same time. We are focused on the process steps. To succeed sustainably, we created an active energy and environmental management.

So far 30 energy efficient projects were realized and more will follow.

Our BLANK employees were amazed at the energy information event. Hence savings potentials in a private household without any losses of comfort were revealed.