1245 years belonging to our company – congratulations!



This year FEINGUSS BLANK was able to congratulate 66 persons on belonging to the company for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and even 35 years = in total 1245 years!

During an individual celebration hour these employees were given their certificates together with a little present. At the end of the year we like to take the opportunity to thank them all again for their commitment during the past years.

“We are happy about the numerous persons celebrating their jubilee in our company and congratulate them cordially”, says Mr. Axel Breitling, managing director, “we appreciate that the employees have contributed a lot to our company through all these years. We are especially pleased about the fact that many of our employees belong to our company for a long time. This shows that they like to be here and that we are going together in the right direction.”


Congratulations and thank you – let’s look forward to the coming years at FEINGUSS BLANK.

In 2015 following employees could celebrate their jubilee:

10 years

Christian Gaupp, Juliane Blank, Andrej Hammer, Christian Auchter, Irina Meier, Aida Smajic, Frank-Rudolf Liemann, Andreas Pfaff, Markus Kloker, Hubert Schäfer, Imelda Dreher, Eduard Geiger, Andreas Fritzenschaft

15 years

Karin Eckert, Michael Steinhauser, Helga Sonnenmoser, Armin Wegner, Ariane Ehing, Rudolf Reiner, Armin Grodotzki, Jürgen Renner, Waldemar Zavjalov, Joachim Kopp, Alexander Kraft, Thomas Binder, Franz Traub, Johannes Tittor, Andre Scheffler, Andreas Pukowski, Petra Siegle

20 years

Petra Dörflinger, Michael Poge, Anna Geiger, Zoran Cado, Beata Thielemann, Alfred Zitterell, Katharina Maksimow, Claudia Topar, Herbert Schepanski, Ralf Kröninger, Valerian Ring, Peter Wenzel, Tamara Schütz, Penka Nemet, Susanne Fischer, Silke Müller, Sofia Morar, Rolf Schotte

25 years

Michael Fay, Thomas Gross, Walter Jerski, Alfons Hägele, Robert Baur, Alexander Kegel, Stefan Kettnaker, Bettina Egle, Hans Halder

30 years

Alexander Augustin, Erich Mayer, Hubert Namyslo, Christel Neumaier, Bernhard Haberbosch, Maria Wiegand, Wolfgang Mohn, Joachim Springer

35 years

Josef Halter