BLANK employees win the Authorities‘ Cup 2015!




This year again two motivated BLANK-teams met the invitation of the company Silit for the companies and authorities tournament which took place in the sports centre of the sports club Unlingen on 27th June 2015. Many thanks to Silit for the arrangement of this tournament.

At the end of exciting matches both BLANK-teams we happy about positive results:

Team BLANK 1 is the winner of the companies and authorities’ cup!

Team BLANK 2 reached rank three.

We congratulate cordially and thank our teams coached by Tobias Maichel. We are especially happy about the fact that so many motivated BLANK employees took part in the tournament, so that two teams could be created!



Alexander Schemberger (4 goals), Michael Werner (3 goals), Tobias Maichel, Jakob Bächle, Johannes Jäggle (2 goals), Daniel Schwarz, Patrick Leichtle, Andreas Schmid, Robin Münch.


Eugen Steinbeck (4 goals), Christian Gaupp (1 goal), Georg Zimmerling (3 goals), Alexander Larin, Waldemar Kinast, Manuel Laub, Willi Berschiminski, Alexander Lemke, Matthias Mayer.

Thanks for your commitment!