CHECK IT! – Health Day at BLANK



While up to now the BLANK health days covered the topic “All around Health”, this year’s health day was balanced on the topic “Measuring and diagnostics”.

“Check it” … was the slogan.

The BLANK employees showed much interest and took the opportunity to let their body check at the different measuring stations. Beside the five external partners AOK (health insurance), Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall (employers’ mutual insurance association branches wood and metal), Impulsteam Biberach, Apotheke am Marktplatz (chemists’ shop) and orthopedist Kirndorfer, also the company’s physician and the trainees had a booth.

Using different checking devices the AOK checked the heart with the “Cadioscan”, the stress with the “Stresspilot” and the coordination ability with the “S3-coordination-check”.

A specialist from the employer’s mutual association informed about skin and skin protection. The employees had the chance to have tested the texture of their skin and to get advice concerning hand’s protection and care. Checking the power of the back and the abdomen was executed by the Implusteam Biberach with the muscular strength analyzer “Easy Torque”.

The Apotheke am Marktplatz measured the blood circulation speed in the leg veins and informed about veins and venous valves. The orthopedist Kirndorfer took care of the employees’ feet.

Very popular was our company’s physician who had a lot to do in measuring the blood pressure and pulse and taking blood in order to determine cholesterol, blood glucose and blood fat values. Our trainees provided a device developed by themselves to test the fine motor skills. After having filled in a feedback questionnaire all visitors of the health day had the possibility to turn the wheel of fortune and win nice prizes such as a drinking bottle or a pocket notebook.

The kitchen of our lunch supplier ZfP delivered two exclusive desserts for free. So the health day had also a culinary highlight!

We thank all external and internal persons who contributed to the great success of the health day 2016!