Congratulations! – BLANK employees successfully complete American course in investment casting





One requirement that is essential if processes of the highest quality are to be offered in the long term is continuous training for employees, and it is something BLANK invests in regularly. Andreas Ivacic and Bartosz Debek recently completed an American course in Pittsburg, Kansas, for example.

The course, which focused on investment casting, involved theoretical analyses of the different steps in the investment casting process and also actually carrying them out.

It was run on the grounds of Pittsburg State University in conjunction with the Investment Casting Institute, an American trade association for investment casting manufacturers.

The theory part of the course consisted of presentations by various investment casting suppliers on the selection of raw materials required for the production of cast parts. This knowledge was then tested in exams throughout the course.

The practical part of the course included workshops in which wax models were injection moulded, dipping masses were developed, and models were dipped, dewaxed, burned and cast. The investment casting process was effectively performed on a small scale in one of the university’s laboratories.

In addition to the course itself, which was interesting, the university grounds were also a highlight of the trip. At 3km², they boast a student campus, student accommodation, an American football stadium, a sports hall and much more.

Our BLANK employees passed the final exams with flying colours and can now be referred to as internationally certified investment casting specialists.