Cooking at BLANK



On 17th November 2015 FEINGUSS BLANK arranged again one of the popular cooking courses for the employees.  Following the motto “culinary winter delights” 15 employees cooked delicious dishes with seasonal vegetables.

“Today’s society has got such a surplus in food all over the year that we easily forget which are the seasonal vegetables and which are therefore especially delicious and favourable in price when bought in the season”, says one of the participants. “Therefore it was very interesting to learn which vegetables are available in November and what you can prepare with them.”

And there are a lot of possibilities! Beetroot soup, lamb’s lettuce with fresh mushrooms, Chinese white cabbage fried in the pan, red lentil lasagna or an almond biscuit dream as dessert.

Comment of the participants? – It was delicious, we would be pleased to cook together again.