FEINGUSS BLANK awarded among the BEST OF 2016



The publishing company Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH awards with the INDUSTRIEPREIS specifically progressive industrial products having a high economic, social, technological and ecological value.

On the occasion of the Hannover Fair 2016 also FEINGUSS BLANK participated in the award. For the competition the investment casting part “Furchenräumer” (furrow clearer) was introduced whose special construction made it possible to replace three welded components by one single investment casting part. Therefore, using investment casting, the customer’s benefit could be increased by 50% through price reduction and improved quality of the component compared to the welded assembly.

The “Furchenräumer” convinced the jury and so belongs to the top group of the submitted applications. Industrial branch experts, professors and specialized journalists build an independent jury and act as judges. They provide maximum objectivity and make the prize so unique in the industrial sector.

You will find further information regarding the “Industriepreis” on www.industriepreis.de.