Precise handheld tools realized by precision from the fire



Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of electronically steered handheld nutrunners. The hand tools are mainly used in the assembly lines of the automotive industry and its subcontractors. Reliability, rapidness and precision are essential demands to be fulfilled and therefore to be considered in the development of the screwing tools. The cover ring in the new angle nutrunner of Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH is an investment casting part made by FEINGUSS BLANK.

Angle nutrunners of Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH are the ideal choice for safe fastening operations with high accuracy and consistent quality. The component “cover ring” from BLANK is part of the status display which visualizes the state of operation and screw connection through light emitting diodes. For the realization of this component it was important that the light beams which are created through light emitting diodes, can be shown clearly separated from each other and do not mix in colour. Bars at the interior side of the component were the solution. These bars work like a barrier so that there are no additive mixtures of colours of the light.

These undercuts were a challenge for the development partner BLANK: regarding the tool such an undercut is only feasible if the wax part needed for the production of the later casting part, cannot be simply released from the tool but a complex slide technique is applied.

When constructing the component it had also to be considered that this is a handheld nutrunner which has to be operated manually for example by an employee in a production line. Therefore the weight of the handheld nutrunner was decisive, it should be as low as possible. For this reason we chose aluminium material which allows to hold the tool in the hand over a long period.