Pupils of the Secondary school in Riedlingen create photovoltaic to touch



The pupils Dominik Blersch, Mathias Eisele, Simon Fay and Philipp Keckeisen present the photovoltaic plant in the court of their school Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule in Riedlingen. A mutual technical project called MINT vitalizes the educational partnership of this school and FEINGUSS BLANK which endures in the meantime for seven years. In this partner-project the pupils of grade 10 in the subject technology and the trainees of BLANK developed a photovoltaic plant which aligns itself automatically to the sun.

This was the practical part of the exams. The theoretical basis in electronics have been worked out in the technology lessons, the assembly of the hardware was done by the pupils together with the trainees in the training centre of FEINGUSS BLANK during their leisure time.

We like to emphasize that the trainees planned and partly realized the project already the year before when being pupils themselves in the 10th grade of this secondary school.

The photovoltaic plant has been placed in the court of the secondary school and will serve as experimental object in the technology and physics lessons for the next generations of pupils.