Students get acquainted with investment casting – the Global Formula Racing (GFR)-Team visited FEINGUSS BLANK


The students of the DHBW Ravensburg (Dual University) – Campus Friedrichshafen, in cooporation with the Oregon State University, annually develop a racing car with combustion motor and a racing car with electric drive. Presenting these two cars, the GFR-team takes part in the international construction competition “Formular Student” of the VDI (association of German engineers).

Not only the construction of the bolides is important, but also their efficiency during races which take place in Michigan, Hockenheim and Spielberg. FEINGUSS BLANK has been supporting the team of Friedrichshafen already for several years by producing parts for the racing cars. In order to discuss the feasibility of new parts for the bolide and to get to know better the production process of investment casting as well as the company FEINGUSS BLANK, the GFR-team visited our premises on Monday, 14th November 2016.

After having welcomed the students our development team introduced the company in a short presentation, then the feasibility of the parts for the racing car was thoroughly discussed.  After lunch the students could closely experience the investment casting process on a tour through the company. A highlight was the open casting in the foundry which is the most spectacular production step in the whole investment casting process during which metals are cast between 1500 and 1700°C.

The result of the day was very positive for both parties. “We were very happy about the interest the students have shown”, so the development team of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH, “there are several interesting parts which can be realized by this cooperation between University and FEINGUSS BLANK.