„The Möbius-Loop: Art realized by investment casting“





This unusual investment casting project was realized in 2015 in cooperation with the designer Mr. Franz Piffl.  The ordering party was the Raiffeisen insurance company who planned a special appreciation for their employees: an Employee-Award.

After the successful outcome of Mr. Piffl’s design however, a problem occurred: this geometrically pretentious object couldn’t be realized by usual production processes concerning quality and stipulated costs. Finally Mr. Piffl found a solution at FEINGUSS BLANK.


Composition of the parts:

Due to the pretentious geometry and the entwined shape it is not possible to produce this object by means of a simple tool. Therefore first experiments were made with a wax part assembly consisting of single injected parts which were glued together manually, but in the end a complex individual tool with many slides and inserts was chosen. Advantage: no glued surfaces and therefore even passages.

For weight reasons and also in order to meet the desired colour “matt grey” we chose aluminium. Mr. Piffl attached special importance to the surface. Therefore differently blasted sample components were discussed and the corresponding blasting method determined. In order to be able to fix the component on the suitable nutwood pedestal, threads and pins were inserted. The mounting on the pedestal was done by the designer himself.

The Raiffeisen employees liked the Möbius-Loop very much. The elaborate form is extraordinary and a real eye-catcher. The appearance of this objet d’art reflects the skilled and careful execution with attention to the detail.

We are happy that we could support Mr. Piffl and the Raiffeisen insurance company in realizing their project.