Trainees support nursery school St. Maria


On the occasion of the BLANK summer party each attendant employee receives vouchers for  € 25,00 in total – so after having had a barbecue sausage, French fries, drinks etc. a small amount might be left!

Also in 2016 it was possible to donate the remaining vouchers for a good purpose. The vouchers can be put into our donation box. The collected amount is used to support a regional social institution which is chosen by our trainees. In 2016 the children of the nursery school St. Maria in Riedlingen could be happy about a financial help.

The nursery school takes care of children between two and six years old who need special pedagogical education, who are physically handicapped or who have cognitive impairments. Thanks to numerous donations of our employees € 500,00 could be collected!

The nursery school St. Maria bought giant toy bricks with which the children can build towers and romp around without being hurt due to the soft material. As you can clearly see on the pictures, the children have a lot of fun with the giant soft bricks.