Work and leisure in balance



“Healthy, motivated and powerful employees are a decisive advantage in competition for our company” emphasizes Axel Breitling, managing director of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH.

Therefore this traditional company in Riedlingen has been committed to the company health promotion for 10 years. In September FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH started celebrating this anniversary with great activities which will last until the end of the year.

Being one of the big employers in the region, FEINGUSS BLANK takes care of the employees’ health which also includes occupational health and safety for ex. regular visits of the company’s doctor. The company also promotes the health competence of the employees in cooperation with the health insurance company AOK giving information about for ex. shift work, burn-out or social media. Through the company health management FEINGUSS BLANK also takes over social responsibility and pays 10 Euros to the company’s social fund for each employee who participates in a blood donation. This fund supports employees in emergencies.

The first activities of health promotion started in 2004 with a back-strengthening-training which is still one of the most important courses. Meanwhile much more courses can be offered like body exercises and movement, food and relaxation.

Every half-year the employees can choose among a wide range of courses such as WAKO-Kickboxing-Aerobic, Zumba and Jumping and activities like an autumn walking tour or cooking with seasonal ingredients. In addition, FEINGUSS BLANK promotes the membership in a fitness centre by giving a monthly grant on the membership fee. This offer meets mainly our shift workers who cannot take regularly part in the courses due to their changing working times. Each month a special activity is offered like a cinema afternoon for the whole family or a mobile therapist massage.

With all these offers FEINGUSS BLANK wants to consider the different life situations of the workers, clerks and trainees. “We want our employees to be fit and powerful. They benefit not only at work but also in their private life” explains Doris Ocker, responsible for the company health management of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH.