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We are better together! And, we now operate globally under the name Texmo Blank. You can find more information on our new website:

Until we launch the full version of our new website, you will continue to find details about investment casting as well as jobs vacancies on this page.

Investment casting becomes smart casting

Feinguss is now SMARTGUSS

SMARTGUSS is the idea of a unique complete package consisting of excellent products, superior service, outstanding know-how and a proactive partnership.

SMARTGUSS is the promise of refining existing knowledge, collecting new knowledge, and bringing one’s own abilities to a whole new level each and every day.

SMARTGUSS is a pledge to advise you even better, to make you even more efficient, and to take you even further. In short: To make you smart together with us.

And that's how it works

Smart Partner

We count numerous international companies among our clients.

With good reason: We possess in-depth industry knowledge — and guarantee comprehensive guidance, from the idea to the finalization of each project.

We make these industries smart:

• Automation
• Energy technology
• Food technology
• Mechanical engineering
• Pharmaceutical, medical, and rehabilitation technology
• Packaging technology
• Automotive

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Smart Products

Making you even more successful — that is our goal.

Highly innovative products that are unparalleled with regard to variety, quality, and cost effectiveness.

Our smart product portfolio for you:

  • Intelligent investment casting solutions
  • Client-oriented large- and small-scale production
  • Complex, ready-to-install prefabricated components
  • Tailored custom solutions
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Smart Know-how

For more than five decades, we have been a leading global provider of investment casting products.

Our secret: No matter how complex an idea or project is — thanks to our in-depth expertise and experience, we always find an optimal solution.

This smart know-how awaits you:

• Leader in precision casting for over 60 years
• Globally unique development expertise
• Top-notch problem-solving competency
• Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
• Perfect combination of creativity and precision
• The most economical solutions

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Smart Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

That is why we make no compromise when it comes to service: With a constant stream of new offerings, we ensure that you are able to concentrate on your own tasks.

Smart services we offer you:

• Quote within 48 hours
• Personal on-site appointments
• "Digital Twin" for more efficiency
• Information on delivery status
• Custom delivery terms

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Smart Team

Whether you are an apprentice, master craftsman, warehousing specialist, or developmental engineer — our over 800 employees live and breathe precision casting.

Each day, they contribute their outstanding know-how and their collective experience to ensure that only the best-quality products are manufactured and to help you achieve your goal: Success.

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