Turbocharger technology of an engine investment FEINGUSS BLANK design-line


Turbochargers increase efficiency in the vehicle and significantly improve exhaust emission quality. Our highly innovative wastegate systems and turbine wheels make a significant contribution to the implementation of modern turbochargers. Materials that are resistant to high temperatures and hot gas corrosion, as well as, high-precision manufacturing and assembly methods provide the necessary conditions.

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Turbine wheel of an exhaust gas turbocharger FEINGUSS BLANK

Turbine wheel

The turbine wheel shown is used in the exhaust gas area of a turbocharger. Here, the component is exposed to temperatures of up to 900 °C. The speed of the turbine wheel combined with the temperature conditions lead to an immense load on the component, which posed the greatest design challenge. Added to this are the very thin-walled blade ends, which require the material to conform to the specifications. The best possible conditions can be achieved with nickel-based alloys that are melted under vacuum.


Nickel-based alloy


200 g

Wastegate system of an exhaust gas turbocharger BLANK CASTING


The Wastegate-System is also used in the exhaust gas turbocharger sector. Here, too, the high temperature in the turbocharger and the behaviour of the component during closing and opening of the exhaust gas flow were the critical variables in the development of the component. By using a suitable material and developing an optimal geometry, a high-performance solution not only within the casting range, but also within the range mechanical treatment and assembly was developed.


Nickel-based alloy


120 g

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