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Energy technology

Developing energy-rich solutions in a smart team - this is what FEINGUSS BLANK stands for as a provider for the future of energy technology!

  • High-temperature materials
  • Design freedom of the products
  • Resistance to hot gas corrosion
  • High requirements on inner properties
  • High surface quality
  • High material strength and component reliability in high-temperature applications
  • Batch qualification and traceability

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In the energy sector (more precisely in electrical power engineering, i.e. the generation of electricity), aggressive media and temperatures of up to 1000 °C are not uncommon. Because of this, high demands are made on material selection and technical component design. The requirements for energy technology companies are more demanding than ever before. In view of the trend towards decentralised energy supply, energy management is the currency of the future.

Do you have a challenge in the energy sector? The engineers at FEINGUSS BLANK will be happy to support you in the realisation of your project.


Belt seal ring of a cast steel gas turbine

Belt sealing ring

Use in gas turbines

This investment casting is installed between the housing and the combustion chamber of a gas turbine, which is responsible for generating energy. Accordingly, high demands are placed on temperature and hot gas resistance, coupled with the optimum application-oriented design of the investment casting solution. In electrical power engineering, the desired temperature resistance is achieved by selecting the right material. In addition, the material must have a high elongation capacity due to the high temperatures and withstand strong temperature fluctuations. By using the investment casting method, further finishing steps could be omitted and, in addition, a near-finished contour geometry could be realised. The high level of precision and almost endless design options in investment casting make the method exceptionally efficient.


Heat-resistant steel


1.200 g

Cooling segment of a cast steel gas turbine

Cooling Segment

Use in gas turbines

The component of "cooling segment" required a high surface quality and, due to its later use in gas turbines, special requirements for the material in the hot gas area. The near-finished contour, complex geometry of the proposed solution as well as the thin-walledness of the investment casting part allow the elimination of further machining and finishing processes and thus particularly demonstrate the advantages of the investment casting process.


Heat-resistant steel


3.200 g

Pump housing

Pump housing

Fuel housing in a helicopter

The pump housing finds its application in a fuel housing for helicopters. The particular challenge is evident in the complex interior geometry. Several ceramic cores merging into each other as well as the thin wall of the component make the realisation difficult. However, the investment casting process made it possible to implement the geometry economically.


Aluminium alloy


658 g

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