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  • High-temperature materials
  • Resistance to hot gas corrosion
  • High requirements on inner properties
  • High surface quality
  • High material strength and component reliability in high-temperature applications
  • Batch qualification and traceability

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In the energy industry, aggressive media and temperatures up to 1000°C are required. Maximum demands are made on material selection and technical component design. You have the challenge in the energy sector? FEINGUSS BLANK is happy to help you turn your project into reality.


Belt seal ring of a cast steel gas turbine

Belt Seal

Used in gas turbines

The high-temperature and hot gas resistance requirements coupled with a design to perfectly match the application have been implemented with the lost wax casting solution. The high level of precision and almost endless design possibilities in lost wax casting make the method exceptionally efficient.


Heat-resistant steel material


1.200 g

Cooling segment of a cast steel gas turbine

Cooling Segment

Used in gas turbines

The material selection and surface quality were the challenges related to the production of the lost wax casting component “cooling segment” that application engineers from the FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH had to overcome. The near-net-shape, complex geometry of the suggested solution and the thin walls of the lost wax casting component did away with the need for further machining and treatment processes.


Heat-resistant steel material


3.200 g

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