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Robot FEINGUSS BLANK design-line


Industry 4.0 - realise new visions in modern production with precision casting from BLANK

Robot technologies and manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving. That is why the BLANK-Group is proud not only to be a user of modern technologies, but also a part of this future-oriented industry. Efficiency, high production standards and process reliability are ensured not least by automation - also in BLANK production. For the industry, factors such as flexibility and low weight, combined with high strength, are the main factors in the development of castings. This is particularly evident in the projects realised for transport and conveyor technology as well as for robot technology.

In cooperation with application engineers from FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH, the investment castings of these and other interesting projects are realised in a visually attractive design. We can draw on our numerous alloys when implementing your products. BLANK is happy to deliver your products processed, assembled and ready for installation at your international location.

Added value of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH for automation technology:

  • Savings in components through functional integration
  • Realisation of complex geometries
  • Enormous variety of materials for your product
  • Lightweight solutions for weight optimisation
  • High strengths and quality – Made in Germany
  • Economic superiority over other processes for small and large series

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Examples of investment casting applications in the automation industry

Joint cover industrial robot made of aluminium investment casting

Investment cast joint cover

Industrial robot

In modern manufacturing, human-machine collaboration means that, in addition to physically demanding work, production steps that require extreme precision are also supported and carried out by robotics. In the context of automation, robots thus make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and process reliability. Areas of application are often assembly or processing stations in industrial environments. Thanks to improved materials and more robust sensor technology, automation does not stop at the foundry environment, as can also be seen in the production of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH.

Industrial robots consist of various components, including the robot arm (manipulator), the tools and grippers (effector), the sensors, the controller and the joints. Many of these parts or elements thereof can be realised in investment casting. For example, FEINGUSS BLANK manufactures joint covers for robots.

The challenge with the illustrated joint cover lies in the demanding surface quality, the complex geometry and the high dimensional accuracy, which means that the component requires no further machining and can be installed directly. Investment casting allows freedom of material, shape and design in order to achieve not only optimum functionality but also an attractive appearance, which is particularly important for visible parts of automation systems. Our lightweight solutions in particular can make your robot even more efficient, flexible and process-stable.


Aluminium alloy


435 g

Safety switch made of cast stainless steel

Single Ramp

Investment casting application for the safety switch

BLANK impresses with safety systems, clamping systems and gripper technology through a high-strength lightweight engineering and the sturdiness of execution. Adapting the design and optimising the casting as standard in many cases means that mechanical reworking is no longer necessary, which significantly increases the economic efficiency and performance of the product.

In dangerous situations, safety switches must stop a machine. Equipped with a locking function, the 'CET' switches from the manufacturer Euchner GmbH & Co. KG monitor safety doors on machines and systems, for example the position of safety doors and flaps on machining equipment and in process automation. The switches combine transponder technology with a locking function, evaluation electronics and a door monitoring output. Castings from FEINGUSS BLANK are installed in these components. As ramps for the locking function of the switches, they become a kind of switching point for safety. Surrounded by a robust metal housing, the switches defy harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to the locking force of 6500 N, the products are particularly suitable for large and heavy doors. In the version with double ramp, the switch is suitable for swinging doors and turntables, for example. The double and single ramps are made of stainless steel. The investment foundry BLANK developed the two ramp types in parallel and was thus able to save time and money. The team eliminated mechanical reworking of the castings by casting holes and adding casting pockets.

The developers also optimised the investment casting in terms of its geometry. For this purpose, they analysed radii, angles, wall thicknesses and the inner contours. Especially the complex inner contours were checked for their tolerance values, as they serve as receptacles for other system components. Furthermore, the sliding surface on the outside of the ramp meets the necessary microstructure and Ra values to ensure cleanliness and flatness. In the functional area, a special surface hardness is required to counteract premature wear. With the material 1.4112, a high basic hardness can already be achieved with simultaneous corrosion resistance. If the investment casting is heat-treated, it finally has the hardness required for safety switches. This ensures safety in the automation of processes.


Corrosion-resistant stainless steel


196 g

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