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From applications in aviation and aerospace through leisure applications, such as ski bindings, model aeroplanes, and motorbike components, FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH has delivered decisive know-how and implemented a multitude of industrial solutions for over 50 years.

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Spiral housing of a fresh water pump in aircraft construction made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel investment casting

Spiral Housing

Freshwater pump aircraft on-board kitchen

Smart solutions in the air – this component combines the weight-saving design necessary for aviation and aerospace with the high demands on corrosion resistance, absence of pores, and high surface quality important for the food industry. Our application engineers were able to balance all of these factors to the complete satisfaction of the customer.


Chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel material


899 g

Turbine wheel of a model airplane made of a nickel-based alloy

Turbine Wheel

Model aircraft drive

High requirements are placed on technology and performance in the leisure industry, too. The most powerful drives in model aircraft are built using this finely worked component.


: Nickel-based alloy


225 g

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