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Tool Manufacturing design-line

In-house mould making

BLANK is your machining specialist for small and large series.

As your smart partner, we offer our in-house mould making services:

  • A competent design team and innovative manufacturing methods to realize your ideas
  • Fully machined prototypes made of various materials
  • Economical production of your small series

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Fully machined tool production

We are proud to be able to offer you our own mould construction, with extensive and modern machinery. There, the tools for injection moulding as well as pre-series tools and prototypes are created from your CAD data. The manufacture of the tool is a significant process step in investment casting. It is needed for the production of wax models and forms the negative counterpart. Tolerances and the condition of the tool have a direct effect on the further processes, therefore the highest precision and know-how is required during the creation. Due to the close proximity to the investment casting production, we can react quickly and efficiently to tool changes - your direct advantage in the implementation of your investment casting idea!

From prototype to series injection mould

The reliable team at BLANK is at your side right from the start. We support you in the development and creation of prototypes with the aim of achieving series production readiness for your casting. Prototypes can be manufactured by us in various ways. We offer you a wide range of options from fully-machined prototypes to additively manufactured prototypes and pre-series tools for investment casting. The tools can be further adapted and revised by us in the development process to respond to detailed changes in the manufacturing product. Another major advantage is the development process we accompany. We are your competent partner when it comes to optimising complex geometries and realising ideas. So we decide together with you, based on your requirements and required quantities, what kind of prototype you need and how it is best manufactured. We combine technology and know-how and thus enable a competent solution from a single source.

The advantages of our in-house mould making

  • Development & Know-how
  • Tooling and casting from a single source
  • Short delivery times
  • High flexibility
  • Highest quality
  • Economical manufacturing methods
  • Traceability and reproducibility
  • Applications in a wide variety of industries

Additive manufacturing in toolmaking

Tools or tool parts based on synthetic resin can be produced using 3D printing. The printer is comparable to an ink jet printer, but it prints with liquid resins instead of ink and the components for the mould are built up layer by layer. Whether the tool printing is suitable for an investment casting part depends on several factors, such as geometry, accuracy and batch size.

Our conclusion:

Additive manufacturing brings decisive advantages, such as increased flexibility and significantly faster availability. Furthermore, this production method can save time-consuming work steps and optimise the "time to market". 3D printing is a worthwhile alternative for highly complex components in small batch sizes that need to be available quickly and cost-effectively.

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