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Food and packaging technology

You can rely on FEINGUSS BLANK for use in contact with food and other sensitive areas.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High surface quality
  • Absence of pores
  • Wear resistance
  • Variety of materials

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In the food and beverage industries, maximum demands are made on resistance to corrosion, lyes and acids. This makes maximum surface quality and absence of pores absolutely essential.  FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH is a sought-after partner thanks to the expert application-related consultation provided.

The packaging industry is characterized by automated systems which make maximum demands on weight- and strength- optimized components with high wear resistance. Thanks to our variety of materials and the high design freedom offered by lost wax casting, we are a recognized partner for packaging, foil-stretching machines and in strapping technology.


Bell made of steel investment casting


Surface treatment plant

The most economical, best and safest technical solution is when one function-integrated component is made from several individual parts. Thanks to the high design freedom offered by the lost wax casting method, application engineers at FEINGUSS BLANK have developed the optimum solution for beverage bottling systems. More detailed information on this development project can be found under Functional Integration.


Steel alloy material


308 g

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