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Car and truck investment FEINGUSS BLANK design-line


We develop and manufacture innovative and reliable installation components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The BLANK-Group supports the mobility of your end customers through product and service quality while simultaneously reducing costs with the help of the investment casting process. In addition to components for turbocharger technology, our product portfolio also includes components for heating systems, mounting brackets for convertible tops, housings and panels as well as design elements – we offer you the smart solution for your application and look forward to your requests!

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INVESTMENT CASTING for automotive applications

Retaining bracket of a convertible top made of cast steel

Investment casting in the convertible top



Convertible roofs require innovative components in lightweight construction and maximum flexibility. Convertible tops come in different varieties, such as fabric tops, hard tops or plastic tops. The saving of space and weight is particularly important, as well as the realisation of a robust, long-lasting solution. That is why we use lightweight yet highly resilient, corrosion-resistant material alloys. Our manufacturing technology allows us a high degree of design freedom with regard to geometry while at the same time being cost-efficient. The basic requirement for modern convertible top variants.


Steel material


212 g

Assembled tailpipe orifice plate of an exhaust system made of cast aluminum investment FEINGUSS BLANK Tailpipe orifice plate of an exhaust system made of cast aluminum investment FEINGUSS BLANK

Investment casting in the exhaust

Tailpipe trim

The exhaust system of a vehicle filters the combustion exhaust gases of the engine and dampens the noise emissions. The tailpipe trim forms the end of the exhaust system and is attached to the exhaust system after the muffler. It can often impress with visually individual shapes that round off the aesthetics of the vehicle.

A conventional material for exhaust trims is stainless steel, as the exhaust system is part of the exhaust stream, which must withstand hot combustion gases. For this reason, high-quality, durable and weight-saving exhaust systems are often made of aluminium or titanium alloys. In addition to the weight reduction, the positive effect on torque and vehicle performance as well as the sound formation should also be mentioned.

The tailpipe trim of the Porsche Cayenne impresses with its modern design and was installed in the Cayenne as an add-on as part of the "Porsche Exclusive" individualisation programme. During realisation, special attention had to be paid to the corrosion resistance of the alloy and the high temperatures. In collaboration, not only was an investment casting developed, but also an assembly ready for series production, which skilfully underlines the sporty design of the Porsche Cayenne.


Aluminium alloy material


430 g

[Translate to Englisch:] Bild Start/Stop-Schalter

INVESTMENT CASTING in the vehicle interior

Start/Stop switch

BLANK's investment casting applications are not only found in the engine of a vehicle, but also in the vehicle interior. The outstanding quality of our investment castings allows them to be used for visible parts as well. For this, the surface quality in particular must be at an excellent level. An example of this is the housing for the start/stop switch of the Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series. This investment casting element enhances the vehicle interior and its finish enormously. The geometry of the component is very well suited to the investment casting process, as the advantages of economy and efficiency clearly outweigh those of machining processes.

The contours of the outer and inner surfaces and the wall thickness of partly less than 1.5 mm can only be produced at considerable expense using mechanical processing methods. The required quantities and batch sizes were also a decisive argument in favour of investment casting.


Aluminium alloy


65 g


Racing is all about nuances - that's why every gram is crucial for optimal performance on the race track! Be convinced by our expertise, because every millisecond counts!


Investment-cast wheel carrier for racing

As part of a manufacturing cooperation, FEINGUSS BLANK had the opportunity to develop an optimised investment casting solution for a racing car using the new Digital Twin performance package. In this project, we not only optimised the material used, but also revolutionised the geometry of the component!

Old design of a racing wheel carrier made of cast aluminium

Former design wheel carrier
Racing car
material: Aluminium alloy
weight: 410 g

New design of a racing wheel carrier made of cast aluminium

New design wheel carrier
Racing car
material: Aluminium alloy
weight: 235 g

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