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Investment casting for mechanical and systems engineering

Innovative technology with attention to detail - BLANK develops your optimised investment casting parts in mechanical engineering.

The advantages of FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH for the mechanical engineering sector:

  • Wear resistance thanks to material diversity and geometric optimisations
  • High variety of products due to freedom of material and geometry
  • Lightweight construction to reduce the overall weight while maintaining the same strength
  • High parts complexity can be mapped
  • Wide range of parts and applications due to investment casting
  • Experience and know-how reflected in joint development
  • Wear resistance

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Housings and brackets are only a small part of the investment casting applications for machine and systems engineering. Germany is home to some of the largest machinery producers in the world, providing equipment for a large part of the global economy. Yet this sector is characterised by medium-sized companies like no other.

Investment castings are used in a large number of products in mechanical and systems engineering, some of which have very different and complex requirements.  The challenge is often to find the optimum solution for the respective area of application. Our smart team supports you intensively with many years of know-how and innovative ideas. At FEINGUSS BLANK, we have a wide range of alloys and investment casting processes at our disposal to meet your requirements. We offer you the complete package from one source with processing as well as realisation of ready-to-install components - according to your needs.


Cover ring of an angle screwdriver made of aluminium investment casting

Cover Ring

Investment casting application for offset screwdrivers

Offset screwdrivers are handy, smart tools with which even difficult spots, such as corners or edges, can be reached. The requirements for this tool are therefore reliability, speed, precision and a pleasantly light-weight for handling.

The aim was therefore a functionally integrated lightweight construction and a functional and aesthetic design. This implies a high surface quality of the visible part, which is why, not least because of the weight aspect, the light-weight metal aluminium was chosen as the material for the cover ring.

The cover ring of the offset screwdriver is part of the status display of the screwdriving tool, by which the operating status and the screwing status are shown in visual form via LEDs. These are clearly visible through cut-outs and at the same time protected from damage. The investment casting process eliminates the need for subsequent mechanical processing and allows the recess to be realised directly in the casting.




20 g

Casing cap for a crane made of chrome-molybdenum investment casting


Investment casting application for housing - lifting technology crane

Cranes are primarily used in transport and lifting technology - in many different designs and shapes. Due to the influence of the weather, solutions with high strength with low dead weight and best wear resistance are required in this area of application. These requirements could be realised, for example, in the development of the cap shown. The complex geometry and the size of the component were particularly challenging.  For the production, the BLANK-Group resorted to light-weight materials with corrosion-resistant properties. In addition, the design was further optimised using in-house simulation processes and empirical values.


Chrome-molybdenum steel


3.911 g

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