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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANKCasting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line


Under the heading “News” you will find all current FEINGUSS BLANK-news.

Texmo Blank earns recognition as a John Deere “Partner-level Supplier” and Hall of Fame Supplier
Trending Technologies in the Engineering Industry
Picture from left to right: Michael Hartmann (Head of Compliance department), Manuela Schmid (Marketing) and Marco Gutöhrlein (DGQ Stuttgart office) when handing over the certificate
Picture from left to right: Alexander Lenert, Ernst Leichtle, Artur Widik, Work Council Chairman Andreas Bleich and Head of Supply Chain Management Michael Buck
Jubilarians 2023 with the management of Texmo Blank.
Picture (Photographer Ingo Rack) from left to right: Arjunan Ramachandran, Juliane Blank and Alexander Lenert
Start of training 2023
welding nozzle
Picture from left to right: City Fire Chief Stefan Kuc and Artur Widik, Manager Logistics and Customs, with a Big Bag
Welcome of the guests in Riedlingen
STADTRADELN 2023 campaign
Picture of the trainees
From left to right: Sergej Wolf and Vitalis Grebenev
View through VR glasses
BLANK Business Center
View into the intranet
Picture: Werner and Juliane Blank visit class 11a in the workroom. The new CNC milling machine from the BLANK Foundation is set up here.
Group photo of jubilarians
Canteen after the redesign
Investment Casting Expert Committee
Finalist award
Picture from left to right: Dr. Patrick Rapp, Alexander Lenert, Max Schumacher, Marcus Schafft and Juliane Blank
Participants BLANK penalty kick tournament
Picture from left to right: Etienne Tchicha, Elisa Bottenbruch, Luca Böhm, Clemens Dyck, Daniel Schukschin, Nick Khokhlov
The climbing iron is attached by strong Velcro fasteners in the foot and calf area, with the foot standing in an aluminium or carbon fibre stirrup.
8th grade pupils from the Joseph-Christian-Gemeinschaftsschule (community school)
From left to right: Willi Berschiminski, Michael Fay and Lukas Jakober
Fair team of the BLANK-Group
Employees in production with ice cream
Employees of the BLANK-Group
Picture from left to right: mayor Marcus Schafft, managing director of BLANK HOLDING GmbH Juliane Blank, managing director of the BLANK-Group Alexander Lenert and Tamara Ortmann, business development of the city of Riedlingen.
Picture from left to right: Julia Eggert and Juliane Blankane Blank
From left to right: Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Küpper (President of Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie - German Foundry Industry Association), Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Lenert (Managing Director BLANK-Group), Dr.-Ing. Jens Wiesenmüller (President of Verein Deutscher Gießereifachleute e. V.- German Foundry Experts Association), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Josef Feikus (Chairman of the advisory board of Forschungsvereinigung Gießereitechnik e. V. – Foundry Technology Research Association) Photo: Christian Thieme/BDG - German Foundry Industry Association
Video view on laptop
BLANK hybrid casting in the manufacture of acetabular cups
The BLANK-Team at the training fair in the Realschule Riedlingen.
Group picture of the "Committee International" of the Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Baton handover at BLANK
From left to right: CEO Alexander Lenert and Trade Union Secretary of IG Metall Ulm Christian Velsink
Oven-fresh doughnuts for distribution
Team BLANK trainee company
Robot in two-chamber vacuum casting plant
Martina Bücheler (left) at the finish line
From left to right: Christian Gaupp, Marietta Müller and Timo Scherb
The pupils at the company tour (picture of Riedlingen vocational college)
Detailed view of so-called blisters
The architects Nicole Kurz and Günther Kerler as well as Manuela Schmid representing the BLANK group of companies together with District Administrator Dr. Heiko Schmid and jury chair Bernadette Siemensmeyer (from left to right) at the award ceremony.
The Oberalp team (left) and the BLANK team (right) when handing over the gift
Suspension bridge in the Zillertal Alps
Logo Deutschland Stipendium
Picture new trainees 2021
Exterior facade BBC
[Translate to Englisch:] Klasse 3c mit ihrer Klassenlehrerin
The casts for the next shift are prepared on trolleys
Clarity through colour system in the foundry
Foundry employee
Juliane Blank, Agathe Schönweiler, Johannes Tittor and Hubert Deutsch
BLANK-App preview
[Translate to Englisch:] Mitarbeiter im Homeoffice
F.l.t.r.: Werner Blank, Jona Roth, Levi Roth, Juliane Blank, Alexander Lenert and Hubert Deutsch
The pupils Andreas Bürger and Marius Kohm explain to Juliane and Werner Blank the circuits with the logic module “Siemens Logo”.
From left to right: Sarah Keckeisen (industrial clerk), Norwin Henry (mechatronics technician), Jan Maikler (toolmaker) and Ruven Henry (mechatronics technician)
BLANK employees
Three of the 2020 jubilarians
[Translate to Englisch:] Bild BLANK Business Center
Trainees 2020 FEINGUSS BLANK
On the picture, from left to right: Alexander Lenert, MdB Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, MdB Josef Rief and Hubert Deutsch
automatic wax gluing
Digital Twin Process
Picture building FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH
Digital Twin Process FEINGUSS BLANK
Image building FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Information zur Absage der 60-Jahrfeier
Picture with BLANK employees
Minister of Justice Guido Wolf MdL, Gudrun Blank and Werner Blank
Automated casting plant
Herr Otto mit der Geschäftsleitung.
Hans Halder with the management.
Employee at Misselauf FEINGUSS BLANK
"Best of..." - Event of the IHK- graduates FEINGUSS BLANK
Training fair in Alleshausen FEINGUSS BLANK
Partnership with the SRH University employees and management FEINGUSS BLANK
DHBW students visit FEINGUSS BLANK
Guiding the employees through the new plant 4 FEINGUSS BLANK
The introduction week of the new trainees FEINGUSS BLANK

Interested visitors of the FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Vergabefeier BoriS - Berufswahlsiegel FEINGUSS BLANK
Training supervisor and trainee FEINGUSS BLANK
Social commitment of the trainees of FEINGUSS BLANK
Exhibition booth of FEINGUSS BLANK at the NEWCAST 2019
Social commitment of students, trainees, teachers, training and school directors FEINGUSS BLANK
Employees of FEINGUSS BLANK receive the NEWCAST-Award
Anniversary of the employees of FEINGUSS BLANK
Heat sink of a headlamp for the medical sector made of aluminium investment casting
Employees of FEINGUSS BLANK at the marathon in Riedlingen
Employees of FEINGUSS BLANK at a marathon race
Medical products of FEINGUSS BLANK
CEO and politicians at FEINGUSS BLANK
The sales department of FEINGUSS BLANK at the Hannover trade fair
[Translate to Englisch:] Construction and simulation process FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Ausbilder FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Azubi-Fußballmannschaft FEINGUSS BLANK
Investment casting simulation process in the Digital Twin
Social commitment of FEINGUSS BLANK
Training trade fair FEINGUSS BLANK
Management and employees FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Eine Urkunde zum Abschluss für die Schüler, die am Programm teilgenommen haben. (Foto: Realschule)
Donation to Technische Hilfswerk im Ortsverband Riedlingen FEINGUSS BLANK
Christmastree FEINGUSS BLANK
Employees FEINGUSS BLANK in front of the BBC
New building for mechanical processing and assembly Plant 4 FEINGUSS BLANK
Representative from economy and local politics at FEINGUSS BLANK
FEINGUSS BLANK wins the tensile test competition of the testing machine manufacturer Zwick GmbH & Co. KG
[Translate to Englisch:] FEINGUSS BLANK unterstützt als langjähriger Förderer des Deutschland Stipendiums
BLANK welcomes eleven new trainees
[Translate to Englisch:] Eine vielversprechende Kooperation zwischen der FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH und der SRH Fernhochschule
FEINGUSS BLANK now cooperates also with the High School of Riedlingen
Ground-breaking ceremony for plant 4
Hannover Fair 2018
FEINGUSS BLANK Corporate health management
Healthy Breakfast at FEINGUSS BLANK
BLANK Pensioners visit the Company
FEINGUSS BLANK employees donate the proceeds of the Christmas village
FEINGUSS BLANK sponsors computers for the Joseph Christian Community School
Anniversary at FEINGUSS BLANK
Christmas donations from FEINGUSS BLANK
Employees FEINGUSS BLANK at the Christmas party
Employees of FEINGUSS BLANK at their anniversary
Inauguration of the BBC by the Blank family and the advisory board
Employees of FEIGUSS BLANK at the ENGEL-CUP

[Translate to Englisch:] Neue Auszubildenden der FEINGUSS BLANK
FEINGUSS BLANK supports the educational institution of the riedlinger high school
Deutschland Stipendium FEINGUSS BLANK
[Translate to Englisch:] Auszubildenden der FEINGUSS BLANK
Investment casting simulation of an impeller at FEINGUSS BLANK
New office building of FEINGUSS BLANK
FEINGUSS BLANK awarded with the ThinKing prize
Driving safety training for the employees of FEINGUSS BLANK
The employees of FEINGUSS BLANK take part in the Lauterlauf
The employees of FEINGUSS BLANK take part in the city marathon in Riedlingen
The sales representatives of FEINGUSS BLANK at the Hannover Messe.
[Translate to Englisch:] Industriepreis Zertifikat Produktionstechnik und Maschinenbau für FEINGUSS BLANK
The sales representatives of FEINGUSS BLANK prepare for the Hanover Messe
Investment casting simulation of an impeller at FEINGUSS BLANK
Employese of FEINGUSS BLANK visiting racing team at Stuttgart University
Functional outline FEINGUSS BLANK
Franz-von-Sales-Secondary School contracts a education partnership with FEINGUSS BLANK

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