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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

BLANK supports fire fighters with packing material

A creative idea from employees in the logistics department enables further use of special packaging material at the BLANK-Group in Riedlingen. "A large number of products are needed to produce a casting," explains Artur Widik, Manager Logistics and Customs at BLANK, "This also involves the use of sands which are transported in so-called big bags. These are large plastic bags with a filling volume of about 1000 litres." After the big bags are emptied, they are usually first used internally to collect waste products along the production chain. However, there are about six empty packaging bags every day. This exceeds the internal usage requirement by far.

"At BLANK, a continuous improvement process (CIP) was established several years ago. This enables employees to submit suggestions for improvements to increase the efficiency of the company, which are then rewarded with a bonus payment," says Willi Tromsdorf who is responsible for Lean Management at BLANK. Such a submission led to a creative idea for the further use of the big bags. Since the possible internal uses have already been exhausted, the packaging bags are disposed of at a charge. However, their high capacity would be very helpful in the area of flood protection. Therefore, the idea came up to ask the fire department of Riedlingen if they are interested in a further use of the big bags. In this way, 115 of the big bags could already be provided, not only to the Riedlingen fire department, but also to other fire departments.

Stefan Kuc, City Fire Chief in Riedlingen, is pleased with the donated packaging material from the BLANK-Group. "The big bags are an enormous help in the event of a flood, because instead of stacking many small sandbags on top of each other, we can quickly and easily fill the large bags and also transport them well due to the existing carrying straps. Since Riedlingen is located directly on the Danube, we are regularly in action concerning flood protection and the big bags are very useful." Managing Director Alexander Lenert is also pleased with the win-win situation achieved. "Disposal costs are reduced in this way and we make a contribution to the region which is very important to us as the BLANK-Group."

Artur Widik is responsible for the further handling of the campaign in the company and is also entrusted with the distribution of the big bags in the future. "We would like to further expand this possibility for all interested parties and look forward to receiving corresponding inquiries."

Picture from left to right: City Fire Chief Stefan Kuc and Artur Widik, Manager Logistics and Customs, with a Big Bag

Picture from left to right: City Fire Chief Stefan Kuc and Artur Widik, Manager Logistics and Customs, with a Big Bag

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