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We are better together! And, we now operate globally under the name Texmo Blank. You can find more information on our new website:

Until we launch the full version of our new website, you will continue to find details about investment casting as well as jobs vacancies on this page.

Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Interview with Hubert Deutsch

Since February Hubert Deutsch has been managing director of the BLANK-Group. He introduces himself in an interview:

What do you enjoy most about your job?
To inspire other people and to accompany them on their path to success.

What is important to you at work?
Customer focus and respectful cooperation.

What was the best decision in your career?
Until today there have been many entrepreneurial decisions in my career, but no matter what the issue, I have always remained true to my own values and was aware of the foundation I was on. That has always helped me a lot.

What would you like to tackle first at BLANK?
First, I would like to focus on the strategic, future direction in order to create a new orientation for the entire BLANK-Group. In addition, I would like to lay the foundation for an inspiring and motivating working atmosphere that enables as many people as possible to find meaning in the fulfilment of their tasks.

If we interview you again in exactly one year from today, what mutual success would we celebrate?
We are focused on the essential topics, have a common understanding of leadership - also in the sense of respectful cooperation - and have promising approaches for technological change in our industry.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Honest, respectful and clear.

For which three things in your life are you most grateful?
Health, family and a safe environment are the most important things in life for which I am very grateful every day.

What are your hobbies?
I have always been very enthusiastic about football, but I also like to go hiking and skiing in the mountains. Traveling with my family is also one of my favourite hobbies.

Who is your greatest role model?
The greatest human inspiration for me was Nelson Mandela. He has been in prison for 27 years and what many people don't know is that he could have been released at any time. But he would have had to stop fighting for the rights of the dark skinned people. He wasn't willing to do that. Like hardly anyone else, he stood for Friedrich Nietzsche's quote: "Whoever has a sufficiently strong Why can endure almost any How."


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