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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

The community school Joseph-Christian-Gemeinschaftsschule receives a grant from the BLANK-Foundation.

The BLANK-Foundation supported the Joseph-Christian-Gemeinschaftsschule in the purchase of logic modules and power supply devices amounting to 2,000 euros. These modules are often installed in control boxes. They are very close to reality and thus help the students to simulate electrical circuits. Juliane and Werner Blank, representatives of the foundation, inspected the use of the modules in class on Monday, 14 December 2020 in the technology lessons of learning group 10.


"The declared purpose of the BLANK-Group's foundation is to support pupils, students and young professionals in the region of Riedlingen/Oberschwaben in the fields of business and technology," explains Juliane Blank, "This can be done by procuring software and work equipment but also by supporting semesters abroad and language courses, for example."


During the lesson technology teacher Edgar Gulde impressively explained the use of the devices to teach the educational plan topic "control and regulation" in the subject of technology. After the pupils had programmed the circuits using a computer in the previous lessons, the task was now to construct these circuits. Andreas Bürger, a pupil in learning group 10, expressed his joy and commitment: "This is what makes technology lessons fun, when you can practice what you will need later in your daily professional life."


"We are happy that we were able again to support the Joseph-Christian-Gemeinschaftsschule through this acquisition," said Werner Blank, "We are convinced that such acquisitions increase the practical orientation and thus prepare the young people well for later professional challenges."

Further information about the foundation.


The pupils Andreas Bürger and Marius Kohm explain to Juliane and Werner Blank the circuits with the logic module “Siemens Logo”.

The pupils Andreas Bürger and Marius Kohm explain to Juliane and Werner Blank the circuits with the logic module “Siemens Logo”.

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