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Casting mechanic during open casting of the melt at FEINGUSS BLANK design-line

Years of service for BLANK: Jubilees 2019

On 11th December 2019 the management board of the BLANK Group invited this years’ jubilarians to a mutual get-together. In a casual atmosphere Jürgen Litz, director of Organizational Development and Central Services, thanked all for their years in the service of the company. “Nowadays it is not a matter of course that employees like you remain loyal to a company for such a long time. This is something very special.”

A big highlight this year was the first jubilarian who achieved the magic number of 50 years in the company BLANK. Paul Miksat was a solid member of the BLANK team from the very beginning of the company and for another 5 years after his retirement. “After my retirement I wanted to continue to help by passing on my knowledge and experience”, explains Paul Miksat.

This year 50 employees could celebrate their jubilee at FEINGUSS BLANK. The total number of 1225 working years at BLANK is impressive! “I cordially congratulate you all on your jubilee and on this great performance”, so Litz. “I hope that you will remain loyal to the BLANK Group and we can celebrate even more jubilees together.”

Following persons could celebrate their jubilee on which we congratulate for:

10 years
Engst Carolin, Fazlija Avni, Geiger Simon, Heilborn Vanessa

15 years
Buck Beate, Fay Uli, Giel Norbert, Haegele Gabi, Hardt Eugen, Locher Ulrike, Roth Dominik, Scheit Volker, Weiss Elke, Wolf Alexander, Zimmerling Eugen

20 years
Andreev Valeri, Kemmer Adelheid, Rettich Karl-Heinz, Schuler Roland, Waidmann Albert, Walz Valentina, Wiedmer Irmgard

25 years
Geiger Eduard, Geist Olga, Widik Juri

30 years
Binder Petra, Binder Karl-Josef, Camkiran Abidin, Cinal Irfan, Eberhard Egon, Eiers Paul, Hepp Gerhard, Huber Ingeborg, Kruppa Joachim, Obert Thomas, Remensperger Brigitte, Schramm Markus, Wagner Erich

35 years
Buehler Hans-Joerg, Haile Franz, Laub Werner, Leichtle Ernst, Lorencic Darko, Ocker Doris, Wachter Peter, Widmann Ulrich

40 years
Babic Branislav

50 years
Miksat Paul

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